Established in 1997 with “more export”, “more production and employment” mission KOBI A.S. has been the business partner of tens of thousands Turkish small and middle sized producers to help them rally in foreign markets and find new markets. Sharing the political, cultural and economic experience of abroad with Turkish exporters KOBI A.S. makes contribution to export activities of thousands of companies which became valuable brands in its sector and give strength to the country by its development.

The company creates new customer portfolios for local or foreign companies, which take part in the world economy, producing, manufacturing and intending to export their products. Pursuing the export operations of subscribers, who have not been able to progress in export activities, from the beginning to the final stage with its experienced staff KOBI A.S. is the biggest mate of Turkish industry growing day by day in its sector.


Fortifying the fastest, the securest and the most profitable system of bringing producer and customer together with its information network built in the world KOBI A.S. is the shining star of Turkey in international economy arena.